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Dr. Bigelow is proud to be Northern Alabama's premier dental office to offer the amazing Fastbraces® Technology. Call or email us to discover how Dr. Bigelow and Fastbraces® can team up to give you a gorgeous smile that you can truly LOVE!

When you think of methods for straightening your teeth, traditional wire braces probably come to mind, a process that can be uncomfortable, long, and for adults, not always attractive. Not everyone needs to wear wire braces for a perfectly aligned smile, however. ┬áDr. Bigelow uses the revolutionary Fastbraces® technology to straighten crooked teeth in as little as 3 months. ┬áCall or email our office for more information.


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"Another comfortable experience
Having a bad experience at 11 yrs old negatively impacted dentists for me. I've gone to several since then (& shed many tears) & only one of them made me comfortable & didn't cause alot of pain, & he died suddenly yrs ago. So when my daughter chose Dr Bigelow for my 3 yr old "drama queen" grandaughter's 1st trip I was hesitant about it, thinking she should take her to a pediatric dentist. But, he was highly recommended to her by friends & family & she did great!!! She loved the entire trip. Based on her "reviews", I decided I would give Dr Bigelow a try. The 1st time I walked in the door, I was comfortable with the atmosphere & the staff were most accomodating. After the first root canal..I wasn't scared to go back for the second one. The 2nd one was done yesterday & I didn't even use "happy gas" through this one!!!!! Definitely recommended!!!"

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